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CoinOne is one such name that has gained attention in recent times. However, before diving into the enticing prospects, it is crucial to conduct a thorough review. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of CoinOne and examine whether it is a trustworthy platform or merely a scam broker.

Company Overview

CoinOne is a Korean cryptocurrency exchange platform that claims to offer a wide range of services to its users. They pride themselves on their user-friendly interface and advanced trading features, making it an attractive option for both novice and experienced traders.

They were established in 2016. They are located in 4F, 69, Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Does CoinOne Have Any License?

Regulation is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a trading platform. Unfortunately, CoinOne appears to lack the necessary licensing. This raises concerns about the legitimacy and security of the platform.

Is CoinOne Regulated By Any Authority?

CoinOne does not seem to be regulated by any recognized authority. This absence of regulation is a red flag, as it raises doubts about the transparency and accountability of the platform.

 Pros and Cons:

While CoinOne may have some positive features, it is essential to weigh those against the potential risks. Some pros include a user-friendly interface and advanced trading features. However, the cons, such as lack of licensing and regulation, should not be overlooked, as they pose significant risks to investors.

How Does CoinOne Reach Their Prey?

CoinOne employs various tactics to attract potential investors. Their marketing strategies often involve promising high returns in a short period, leaving unsuspecting individuals vulnerable to potential scams.

Technical Details

CoinOne’s minimum deposit is a crucial aspect to consider. Their minimum deposit amount is $1. They accept all traders from all over the world but they only share the profit as a fiat only for Korean won.

Trading Platform
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The trading platform offered by CoinOne may appear sophisticated and user-friendly at first glance. The site has its proprietary trading terminal, developed from scratch based on Coinone Core.


The spread refers to the difference between the buying and selling prices of an asset. In the case of CoinOne, the spread is about 0.2%, which is very low.


CoinOne offers leverage options to traders, allowing them to increase their potential profits. They offer 1:4 leverage which is quite low.

Packages and Products They Offer:

CoinOne offers various packages and products to attract investors. They have three options: Simplified, Professional, and Lighting-quick exchange.

Withdrawal and Deposit Methods:

The methods offered by CoinOne for withdrawals and deposits are vital to consider. The withdrawal is listed below:

KRW- 1,000 KRW
BTC-0.0005 BTC
BCH- 0.0005 BCH
ETH- 0.01 ETH
ETC- 0.01 ETC
LTC- 0.005 LTC

What Do Their Previous Traders Say?

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Feedback from previous traders is invaluable when evaluating the reliability of a trading platform. Scanning online forums and reviews reveals numerous complaints and negative experiences related to CoinOne. Traders have reported difficulties in withdrawals, technical glitches, and unresponsive customer support, raising serious concerns about the platform’s trustworthiness.

Summing Up- Why Should Not You Trust CoinOne:

Considering the lack of licensing, regulation, transparency, and negative user reviews, it is evident that CoinOne cannot be trusted as a reliable trading platform. The potential risks associated with investing in CoinOne far outweigh any potential benefits.

If Bad Things Happen, Where Can You Get the Quick Solution?

To protect yourself from potential scams or broker-related issues, it is crucial to seek expert advice. We offer free consultation calls and recovery service recommendations to help you recover any lost funds and navigate through challenging circumstances.

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    Final Thoughts:

    When it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform, trust and safety should be the utmost priority. CoinOne’s lack of licensing, regulation, and negative user experiences raise serious doubts about its reliability. Proceeding with caution and seeking professional guidance is essential to protect your investments and avoid falling into any potential scams.

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