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    ClickTrades Review – Not At All What You Think

    Is ClickTrades Legit or a Scam?

    ClickTrades is an online broker offering various financial instruments like forex, stocks, and commodities. While they claim to be a legitimate company, there are significant red flags raising concerns about their trustworthiness. This review analyzes ClickTrades’ features and exposes potential dangers traders should be aware of before investing.

    What is ClickTrades?

    ClickTrades is an offshore broker headquartered in Seychelles, a country with lax regulations compared to major financial hubs. This lack of stringent oversight raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

    ClickTrades Details

    Regulated by:

    FSA (Seychelles)

    Is This Company Safe?

    No, we do not recommend offshore firms as safe!

    Known Websites:

    Have Warnings from:


    Registered in:


    Operating since:


    Trading Platforms:

    Web trader

    Maximum Leverage:


    Minimum Deposit:


    Deposit Bonus:

    Hinted but undisclosed 

    Trading Assets:

    Forex, Crypto, Indices, Shares, Commodities, ETFs, Bonds

    Free Demo Account:

    Not available

    How to  Withdraw from This Company?

    Withdrawals are improbable without legal help!

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    ClickTrades accepts deposits through various methods like bank transfers, credit cards, and e-wallets. However, withdrawal processes are reported to be problematic by many users, with complaints of delays, unclear fees, and unresponsive customer support.

    Account Types

    ClickTrades offers three account types: Essential ($1,000), Original ($5,000), and Signature ($25,000). The high minimum deposits and lack of a demo account raise questions about their accessibility and commitment to beginner traders.

    Red Flags and Warning Signs

    Several red flags indicate potential issues with ClickTrades:

    • Offshore Regulation: Seychelles’ lax regulations raise concerns about transparency and investor protection.
    • Blacklisted by CNMV: The Spanish regulator considers ClickTrades unreliable.
    • High Leverage: Offering leverage up to 1:300 is incredibly risky for most traders and can lead to significant losses.
    • Unclear Withdrawal Process: Users report difficulties withdrawing funds, with a lack of transparency around fees and processing times.
    • Questionable Bonus Offers: Bonuses with strict withdrawal conditions can incentivize risky trading behavior.
    • Negative Customer Reviews: Many users report issues with sales pressure, unresponsive customer support, and withdrawal problems.

    Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

    Many online reviews highlight negative experiences with ClickTrades, including:

    • Aggressive sales tactics: Clients report being pressured into depositing more funds.
    • Poor customer support: Difficulty reaching support agents and getting answers to inquiries.
    • Withdrawal issues: Delays, unclear fees, and potential difficulties withdrawing funds.

    These complaints raise concerns about ClickTrades’ commitment to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

    Got Scammed by ClickTrades? We Help Victims!

    If you suspect you’ve been scammed by ClickTrades or are facing difficulties withdrawing your funds, it’s crucial to seek legal advice and explore potential avenues for recovering your investment. We are here to help you with our team of professionals. Our professionals will provide you with free consultation and recovery service recommendations to help you recover the lost funds.

    This review emphasizes the importance of thorough research and choosing brokers regulated by reputable authorities. While ClickTrades may appear attractive at first glance with their diverse offerings, the red flags and negative experiences raise serious concerns about their legitimacy and warrant caution from potential investors.

    If you’ve experienced financial losses with companies like MonaxaHeroFX, or QxBroker, please report it using the form below.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's


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