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    CoinTiger Review: Scam Of A Crypto Exchange?

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    CoinTiger raises significant red flags that make its legitimacy highly questionable. While it offers competitive fees and email customer support, the exchange operates in an unregulated environment, exposing users to substantial risks.

    Financial scamming through an investment scheme is increasing day by day. People are getting involved in these schemes without having proper knowledge. Before making any investment decision you should know the signs and symbols of a scam scheme.

    This review will delve into CoinTiger’s details, highlighting the warning signs and user complaints that paint a concerning picture. We’ll also explore alternative brokers and resources for those who suspect they’ve been scammed.

    During the whole review, we will show you how Broker Complaint Alert is helping people recover their money back

    What is CoinTiger?

    CoinTiger is a cryptocurrency exchange supposedly based in Australia, claiming to be operational for 2-5 years. However, the lack of a functional website and its unregulated status raise doubts about its legitimacy and longevity.

    CoinTiger Details



    Company Name


    Registered Country/Area

    Australia (Unverified)



    Market Instruments


    Account Types


    Trading Fees

    0.15% Taker, 0.08% Maker

    Customer Support

    Email: &

    Deposit & Withdrawal

    N/A (Information Unavailable)

    Website Status


    Deposits and Withdrawals:

    Information regarding deposit and withdrawal methods is unavailable, making it impossible to assess the platform’s efficiency in handling user funds.

    Usually, scam websites like CoinTiger always hide this information from the visitor. They want to impose their as-wish fee on the investor.

    If you have lost money to companies like LayRay, or Kockcom, please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

    Account Types:

    CoinTiger doesn’t disclose any details about available account types, leaving users in the dark about potential features or restrictions.

    If you see any incidents like these (no specific account information or deposit method), you should immediately contact us. We will provide you with the best guidance recovery service recommendations for you.

    Red Flags and Warning Signs

    Several red flags raise serious concerns about CoinTiger’s legitimacy:

    • Unregulated: The lack of regulatory oversight exposes users to risks associated with security breaches, fraudulent activities, and a lack of recourse for disputes.
    • Inaccessible Website: The official CoinTiger website being inaccessible is a major red flag, hindering transparency and raising questions about the platform’s operational status.
    • Unverified Information: The claimed registration location in Australia and operational timeframe cannot be independently verified.
    • Generic Email Addresses: Customer support email addresses like “” and “” appear unprofessional and could be associated with unrelated entities.

    Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

    Users report concerning experiences with CoinTiger:

    • Order Execution Delays: Users encountered delays in order execution, potentially hindering their ability to capitalize on profitable opportunities.
    • Unannounced Platform Shutdown: CoinTiger allegedly shut down its services in February 2024 for upgrades without clear communication or a timeline for restoration. This lack of transparency raises serious concerns about the platform’s reliability.

    CoinTiger Alternative Brokers

    Given the significant red flags surrounding CoinTiger, it’s strongly recommended to consider reputable and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges. Look for platforms with:

    • Licensing and Regulation: Choose exchanges licensed by established financial authorities.
    • Transparent Fees: Opt for exchanges with clear fee structures and avoid hidden charges.
    • Secure Platform: Ensure the exchange prioritizes user safety with robust security measures.
    • Reliable Customer Support: Choose platforms with responsive and professional customer service.

    Conduct thorough research before selecting a cryptocurrency exchange. For your help, here are some of the reliable names we suggest:

    • IGM
    • Pepperstone
    • eToro

    Got Scammed by CoinTiger? We Help Victims!

    If you suspect you’ve been scammed by CoinTiger, it’s crucial to report the incident to relevant authorities and seek legal counsel. While recovering lost funds might be challenging, reporting the incident helps track fraudulent activities and potentially prevent others from falling victim.

    Our professional will provide you with a free consultation and recovery service recommendation based on your case. Our guidance will help you to find the right path through the recovery process.

    When dealing with cryptocurrency, exercising caution and choosing reputable platforms is paramount. Don’t be swayed by promises of exceptionally low fees or high returns, as these could be indicators of a scam.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

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