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    Beiwax is a cryptocurrency scam website. Don’t be fooled by their promises of free giveaways and high returns. This unregulated platform operates with the sole purpose of stealing funds and personal data from unsuspecting victims.

    This article will shed light on Beiwax’s deceptive tactics, how to identify them, and most importantly, how to avoid falling prey to this elaborate scheme.

    What is masquerades as a cryptocurrency exchange platform, promising lucrative investment opportunities and free giveaways. However, it’s a cleverly designed website functioning as a front for a larger network of interconnected crypto scams. Details



    Platform Type

    Fake Cryptocurrency Exchange


    Unknown (Likely Recent)


    Unregistered Offshore Operation (Possibly China-Based)


    None (Unregulated Platform)

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    Beiwax allows deposits but restricts withdrawals. This is a major red flag. Legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate both deposits and withdrawals freely. They should also have a clear and transparent withdrawal process outlined on their website. Be wary of any platform that makes withdrawing funds difficult or impossible. In Beiwax’s case, they likely use the deposited funds to cover their operational costs and line the pockets of the scammers. Since they have no intention of facilitating real cryptocurrency trading, they restrict withdrawals entirely.

    If you have lost money to companies like Varot Forex; or GMIMarkets; please report it to us on our Report a Scam form.

    Account Types

    Unlike legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges that offer various account tiers with different features and benefits, Beiwax likely provides a single, generic account type. This is because their primary goal is to deceive users into depositing funds, not to cater to different investor needs. A real exchange will provide account options suitable for beginners, casual investors, and experienced traders. These accounts may differ in factors like minimum deposit requirements, trading fees, and access to advanced features. Beiwax’s singular account type is a strong indicator that they are not a genuine investment platform.

    Red Flags and Warning Signs

    Beiwax exhibits numerous red flags exposing its fraudulent nature:

    • No Legitimate Company Information: No verifiable details about ownership, registration, or location exist.
    • Fake Celebrity Sponsorships: They exploit fabricated endorsements from Elon Musk and MrBeast to appear trustworthy.
    • Referral Pyramid Scheme: Their social media reach relies on a deceptive scheme where users are rewarded for attracting new victims.
    • No Withdrawals Possible: Deposited funds become inaccessible, trapped on the platform for the scammers’ benefit.
    • Generic Website Design: Beiwax likely uses a pre-made template shared by similar scam operations.
    • Fake Reviews and Testimonials: Positive reviews are likely fabricated to create a false sense of legitimacy.
    • High-Pressure Tactics: Urgency and limited-time offers create a sense of panic, rushing victims into depositing funds.

    Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

    There are likely numerous negative reviews and complaints from Beiwax victims. Look for these on trusted online review platforms or scam-reporting websites.

    Beiwax Alternative Brokers

    For a safe and secure cryptocurrency trading experience, consider established and reputable exchanges with a long history of customer satisfaction. Look for platforms that prioritize security measures, offer transparent fee structures, and maintain regulatory compliance. Here are some well-regarded options to get you started:


    • Coinbase: User-friendly platform suitable for beginners, with strong security features and a variety of tradable assets.
    • Binance: Global leader in cryptocurrency exchanges, offering a wide range of features and competitive trading fees.
    • Kraken: Renowned for its robust security measures and compliance with regulations.
    • Gemini: Focuses on security and caters to both individual and institutional investors.

    Got Scammed by Beiwax? We Help Victims!

    Unfortunately, recovering funds lost to Beiwax can be difficult. However, Broker Complaint Alert can help you by providing free consultation and recovery service recommendations to help you recover the lost funds or You Can report to us today by the form below.

    Remember: If something sounds too good to be true in the world of cryptocurrency, it probably is. Always be cautious of platforms offering unrealistic rewards and endorsements from celebrities.  Do your research, choose reputable brokers, and never share your personal information or cryptocurrency wallet details on suspicious websites.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

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