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    SERC Capital: Navigating Financial Success with Confidence

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    Is SERC Capital Legit or a Scam?

    Simply put, SERC Capital is a complete hoax. They are not authorized or licensed to deliver the services they say they do. Please read this SERC Capital scam broker review to know more about this broker.

    What is SERC Capital?

    SERC Capital claims to be a leading online trading platform, offering a range of financial instruments and services to its clients. However, digging deeper into the company’s background reveals a lack of transparency and vital information that legitimate brokers typically provide. The absence of clear regulatory compliance and detailed company history is an immediate cause for concern.

    SERC Capital Details

    Broker status: 

    Illicit Binary Options Broker

    Regulated by: 


    Operating Status: 

    Active Binary Options Scam

    Known Websites:

    Blacklisted as a Scam by:




    Headquarters Country:

    US (alleged)

    Foundation Year:


    Online Trading Platforms:

    Web Trader

    Mobile Trading:


    Minimum Deposit:


    Deposit Bonus:

    Up to 2% for Crypto deposits

    CFD Trading Option:


    Crypto Asset Trading:


    Available Trading Instruments:


    Maximum Leverage:


    Islamic Account:


    Free Demo Account:


    Accepts US clients:

    US clients are accepted

    Global Fraud Protection Experts’ Verdict:

    Stay away from this fraudulent unlicensed brokerage!

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    One of the crucial aspects of any legitimate broker is a transparent and straightforward process for deposits and withdrawals. Unfortunately, SERC Capital falls short in this department. Traders have reported difficulties in withdrawing their funds, encountering delays, and facing unexpected fees. The lack of clear information about deposit and withdrawal methods adds to the skepticism surrounding the broker’s operations.

    Account Types

    With no demo, the company only provides a single trading account. Depositing amounts above a predetermined level allows the accounts to be upgraded.

    Trading robots, which are used by scammers, are designed solely to automatically withdraw money from an account. These robots are said to produce earnings that are assured.

    Now, the account tiers are as follows:

    • Intelligent Transaction Robot LV1 – Up to $500
    • Intelligent Transaction Robot LV2 – Up to $5 000
    • Intelligent Transaction Robot LV3 – Up to $ 50,000
    • Intelligent Transaction Robot LV4 – Up to $200 000
    • Intelligent Transaction Robot SLV – Up to $500 000

    Red Flags and Warning Signs

    It is purported that SERC capital, also referred to as SERC New Energy Options Exchange, was founded in Colorado, USA. The company’s primary line of business is share and stock binary options trading. This business needs a CFTC license to offer this service, yet it does not.

    The company makes the implication that SolarCity, a division of Tesla Corporation, founded them. All of it is untrue because SERC capital is not mentioned at all by Tesla or SolarCity in their corporate papers.

    We have attempted to hunt for authorization elsewhere because the US NFA database does not have any information regarding SERC capital.

    Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

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    A quick search online reveals a plethora of customer complaints and negative reviews about SERC Capital. Traders have reported difficulties in withdrawing funds, unexpected account closures, and poor customer support. Some clients claim to have lost significant amounts of money due to dubious trading practices facilitated by the broker.

    Got Scammed by SERC Capital? We Help Victims!

    If you believe you have fallen victim to the SERC Capital scam, it’s crucial to take immediate action. Report the incident to your local financial regulatory authority and provide them with all relevant details. Additionally, seek legal advice to explore potential avenues for recovering your funds.

    Several online platforms and organizations specialize in assisting victims of financial scams. Reach out to these resources for guidance on how to navigate the recovery process. Remember to remain vigilant and conduct thorough research before choosing an online broker to avoid falling prey to scams like SERC Capital.

    In conclusion, the legitimacy of SERC Capital as a broker is highly questionable, given the numerous red flags and warning signs. Potential investors are strongly advised to exercise caution and opt for reputable alternatives with a proven track record in the online trading industry. If you’ve been scammed by SERC Capital, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from regulatory authorities and organizations dedicated to helping victims of financial fraud.

    If you’ve experienced financial losses with companies like LexaTradeExpertOption, or FameEX, please report it using the form below.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's


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