List of Unauthorized brokers by FCA

My Scam Adviser / MyScamAdviser
British Bonds
UK Bonds Group
Investment Search
Allianz Global Investors (clone of EEA authorised firm)
My MarketUK
Blix Group
Acorn Property Group / RST South West Investments Limited
Goldman Banc
Brewin Dolphin (clone of authorised firm)
Rathbone Trust Capital (Clone of authorised firm)
La Talento LTD /Talento Trading LTD
The Profit Prince
Cromwell Investment Services / Cromwell Capital Ventures UK (clone of authorised firm and UK registered company)
Southgate & Culham Investments (clone of Appointed Representative firm)
JTTRADER (Clone of authorised firm)
ECM-UK LTD (clone of previous EEA authorised firm)
EU Traders Monitoring Team (clone of authorised firm)
Britannia Credit Union (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Go Compare the Bond Market / (Clone of FCA Authorised firm)
Alreford DAC (Clone of an EEA authorised firm)
Alliance Venture Management (Clone of an EEA authorised firm)
Heron Wealth Management (clone of FCA authorised firms)
Cash Loans 4 u (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Numisbitbond (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Wyelands Bank (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Platinum Forex Signals
Quantom Capital a trading style of Protiviti International Limited
BOIB Finance Investment Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ledbury Plc (clone of authorised firm)
Cryptozone24 (clone of authorised firm)
Savone Pierre Brokerage (clone of EEA authorised firm)
London Fixed Bonds
Pierre Lafont Brokerage (clone of an EEA authorised firm)
D£bt Solutions / Debt Solutions
Universal Leasing Limited (clone of authorised firm)
One Crypto Trade (clone of authorised firm)
Alpstone Capital Services Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
SLBE BVBA (clone of EEA authorised firm)
South West Capital Partners LLP (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Apex Capital Associates
Deutsche Bank UK / DB UK (Clone of FCA Authorised firm)
Nat International Funds (Clone firm)
Forex Boss Ahmed
Brookfield Investment Funds Plc (clone of FCA authorised schedule 5 firm)
Integral Development Asset Management (Clone firm)
Global Wealth Investment (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
CFAM FX / CFAN FX (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Black Panda Loans / Quick Lends (clone firm)
Class Wealth Management (Clone of an EEA authorised firm)
Standard FX Option / StandardFXOption
Kensington Bonds Group
Atlas FMI (clone of authorised firm)
GFS Renewable Energy (Clone of UK registered limited company)
Chase de Vere Independent Financial Advisers limited (clone of authorised firm)
IGPFX (clone of Authorised Electronic Money Institution)
Courtiers Investment Services Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
World Escrow Solutions
Jones Mutual/GreenRiver OU
Libra Markets
Prime Bitcoin Miners
@ceo.ardy \ @haleemlifts
Meredith and Gellar Capital Partners
Linton Capital UK (clone)
Merrion Stockbrokers Ltd (clone)
Smith, Barnes & Wood
Leeway Financial Services (clone of appointed representative firm)
Pan Atlantic Securities
Allgreen Capital Ltd / Concept4x
Akeem Julien
Best Rate ISA’s
Stockmarket Insider / Fixed Rate Bonds
Claims Assistance UK
British Bonds
Harpersfield Capital Partners
Nuovo Prestige Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Premium Systems / Trendingraphs
Nimble Markets / Nimble Markets Ltd
Richfield Capital / Richfield Capital Limited
Dekocorp / Promotion Corp Solutions Limited
Debt Struggles
CentDesk / CentDesk Capital Limited
LendInvest Loans Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Qualion Finance (clone of EEA authorised firm)
chloehenx / chloefxtrades
HSBC Invest Direct / HSBC InvestDirect (clone of authorised firm)
China Beijing Global Trading
National Bond Compare
Numis Portal (clone of authorised firm)
FrankfurtFX – Diamond Club (clone of authorised firm)
Stratis Finance / Stratis Financial
Cream PPI (Scam)
Funds Recovery (Overseas Recovery Room)
Fixed Rate Saving / Fixed Rate Savers / FRS Services (Clone of UK registered limited company)
No Quibble Insurance (clone)
Secured Investment
Fixed Rate Bonds /Safe Bonds/ BAH Financiere Management Limited
National Investor Guide
Investor Supermarket
Best Fixed Rates/ BestFixedRates
Oralad Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Sandberg Financials LLC
Tesco Plc Trade
Smith & Williamson Holdings (clone of authorised firm) / The ISA Expert
Littermanfx / Litterman FX
UK Electronics (Instagram account: @ukelectronic)
CTindexforex (clone of authorised firm)
GeminiCPL (clone of authorised firm)
Gladstone Capital Management (clone of authorised firm)
Rimmerson Capital Partners
Oliver Pearson Advisory (Clone of an EEA authorised firm)
Go Compare the Bond Market / Compare the Bonds / (Clone of FCA Authorised firm)
Instant Loans Ltd (clone of UK registered public company)
Horizon Patrimoine (clone of authorised firm)
FMG Investment Holdings Ltd trading as ClearSpring Capital (Clone of EEA authorised firm and UK incorporated company)
My Money Market
HSBC Global Banking and Markets (clone of authorised firm)
Fixed Profits
My Investment Market
Phillip Capital UK (clone of authorised firm)
Avenir Epargne (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Bad Credit Loans Company (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Investing Direct Ltd
Capital Seven / Capital 7
Swed Bank / Swedbank (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Investment Supermarket / Eclipse Marketing Limited
Parantoux Trading
Benson Mines Consultancy / Benson Mines
FXBTC/Alpha Capital Technology
Investec / Investec Wealth & Investment Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Bourse Assistance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Price Action Forex /PriceAction Forex
Central Loan (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Purple Finance Cards / Speed Card Finance / Easy Finance Cards / The Finance Cards / The Card Finance
Assured Finances
Live Finance (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Libra Service (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Compare ISAs
Financial Loan Service
Luxstar Group (clone)
LP Wealth Management / Leonia Private Wealth Management (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Luxstar Asset Management (clone firm)
CCX Markets/ Online Media Solutions LTD
Trafalgar Group (clone of UK registered public company)
Best Rate Bonds / BAH Financiere Management Limited
United Markets Capital
The Intro Group / The Introduction Group Limited / Investment Comparison
RSIF International (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Berwick Asset Management
Flairfinance Asset Management (clone of Appointed Representative firm)
Bitcoin Evolution
STS Royals
Credit Union Fund
Standard Bit Options/ Standard Bit Options Ltd
My Safe Market / mysafemarket
Olympius Global
Carter FS / Carter FS FinServices
Ignis Markets (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Walker Bryan
Go Compare Investments (clone of authorised firm)
Claims Consultants
Reiner Jahn (clone of EEA authorised firm)
CIG Fund Management (Clone firm)
All Financial Markets (clone of authorised firm)
ING Investment Bank / ING Bank (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Quilter Cheviot Investment Management / Quilter plc / Quilter Private Client Advisers (clone of authorised firm)
BlackRock Advisors (UK) Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Titan Global Finance (clone of UK registered public company)
Silicon Valley Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Paddington Wealth
Town Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Fortune Trade FX (clone of authorised firm)
Strategic Investment Funds (Clone of recognised fund)
Merrion Capital Investment Managers (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Top Trade Pro
GCG 24 / Global Consulting Group
Swiss Life Asset Group (clone of EEA authorised firm)
FX Trade Profit Ltd / FX Trade Profit
Macrod FX
Horizon-asset.Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Scam alert involving;
Fx Pro (clone of authorised firm)
Open Hub Pro
GMGFX (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Citigroup Asset Management / Citibank Asset Management / Citigroup Wealth Management (Clone)
Capitalcoinx / Capitalcoin FX / DIRECT COIN LIMITED
Trade With Lucas / James Frederick Lukas
FX Goat / @_samfx_
Herald Investment Trust (Clone of UK registered company)
Leonreed Limited / Leonne International
Unique Payment Services (clone)
Lend Finance
IVL Leasing Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Claremont Baker Brokerage (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Euro 2 Pocket / Euro2Pocket (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Montague Capital Investments Ltd
Private Wealth Management LLP
Cleantech Europe Escrow LP
Credit Finance / Credit Finance Ltd
Advance Trading Systems
4Rex Prime Ltd t\a Standard Bit Option
Online Currency Corp ltd (clone firm)
Currie Consultancy Group
Vendome Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
London loan Lender
Premium Dax
TL Financial Consultancy (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Hiroseoption (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Everyday Finances
Duxa Capital
BT Save
Chryson Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
InvestYourISA / Invest Your ISA
Axe Invest/Medar Partners Ltd
Intelligent Money Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Corporate Consulting Group Inc.
Invest My ISA / InvestMyISA
Little Loans Lender Ltd / Little Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Advisory Broker Services / Advisory Broker Trading / AB Services (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Alan Jones Financial Services Limited (clone of Appointed Representative firm)
Credit Finance UK Limited (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
UK Bond Hub
UK Claims Department / Fund Recovery (Clone of Claims Management firm)
Country Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Data Financial Services Group
Info Bond Finder / Bond Finder
The Bond Supermarket / Bond Supermarket
China Citic Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Alliance Private Bank
ATUK (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Assetz Capital (Clone of FCA Authorised firm)
Bitsmax / Bits Max Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Fixed Income
Croceus Limited / Croceus Invest
Immediate Edge
I Say Capital
Selected Markets/Halsted Holdings Ltd
Goldmans Banc (clone of FCA authorised firm)
First Choice Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Electra Finance / Electra Finance Services Limited
Apus Capital
Triton-Online (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
New Rich Markets Ltd / The Step Change (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Cash Pug Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Quidd Finance UK
ABSL Umbrella Fund (Clone of Authorised Schedule 5 Firm)
Winton Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Legit-Loan Company / Legit Loan Company
ATFXHK International Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Best Loan Solution Ltd (clone of Appointed Representative firm)
Capital International Management Company / CIMC (clone of EEA authorised firm)
First Recovery (clone of authorised firm)
First Call Reclaim
Gce Capitals
4fxroyal (clone of EEA authorised firm)
SMART 4EX (clone of authorised firm)
Hedge Invest International (Clone of Authorised Schedule 5 Firm)
Titon Associates Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sentinel Growth Portfolio Ltd (clone of FCA recognised product)
EOS-Market / Wilkinson Europe LTD
Atecs Capital
Intrgroup / Mindworks Limited
Hamilton FE / Hamiltonfe
IPO-FX / Skylon Investments (clone of FCA recognised product and UK registered company)
WVH Ethical / WVH Wealth Management / WVH Sustainable Portfolios (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Instant Bond Compare
Tradition-Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Aviva Investors Global Services / Avibonds (clone of authorised firm)
Concept Loans
Cashute Ltd (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Omega Crypto / OmegaCrypto
Traders Watch
Tenaron Capital Management UK (clone of authorised firm)
Fixed Return Bonds
Brokers Community – Market Effects
Prestige-Asset or Prestige Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Alter Capital
Absolute Global Markets
Aman Investment Group / Aman Trades
Ibex Prime (a trading style of General Media OU)
Rabo Olsen Global (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Algebris Investment (clone of authorised firm)
UK Financial Bonds
UK Bonds
UK Finance Investments
Wise Investments (clone of authorised firm)
Compare ISA deals
Kurt Barremaecker (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Noble Grossart Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Porter Todd Law
Direct Fixed Income
Eagle Direct Investments (clone of EEA Authorised firm)
Copy Trade Income / Copytradeincome
Coombes and Kiwonski Investments
Algobit Ltd trading as AstroFX
Ryde Asset Management
Lincoln FX (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Guaranteed Fixed bonds
Fixed Return Investments
Trade Ltd
The Sovereign Bond Fund (clone of FCA recognised product)
Natixis Investment Managers/Natixis Investment Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Direct Lenders List
Company Cubic Services Ltd trading as Global Markets
Redhedge Investments / Redhedge Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
DCDM Strategies (Clone of Authorised Schedule 5 Firm)
Shinhan Bank London (clone of authorised firm)
Guy Berna (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Omacl Loans Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Secure UK Assets
Bonds Finder
The Easy Loans
The Bond People
Fun Managers
Heartland Investment Management Limited (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Novum Bank (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Ellis and Burlington
CF Sum trading name of Bestfolio Consulting OU
Investment Bridge / Investment Chronicle
Pro Capital Markets / Secured Investment
Gurvin Singh Dyal & GS3 Trades, GS3 Marketing Limited
Jamie Official