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Far Fetch Boost is an unregulated offshore forex and CFD broker that has been accused of being a scam. The broker has been known to use aggressive marketing tactics to lure in new clients, and it has a poor reputation among traders.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Far Fetch Boost and its alleged scams. We will also discuss the risks associated with trading with this broker and provide tips on how to avoid falling victim to its scams.

Company Overview

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Far Fetch Boost is a relatively new forex and CFD broker, having been founded in 2021. The broker is headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a notorious offshore tax haven. Far Fetch Boost is not licensed or regulated by any financial authority, which is a major red flag.

Does Far Fetch Boost Have Any License?

No, Far Fetch Boost does not have any license. This means that the broker is not regulated by any financial authority and is not subject to any oversight. This makes it very risky to trade with Far Fetch Boost, as there is no one to protect you if the broker goes out of business or steals your money.

Is Far Fetch Boost Regulated By Any Authority?

No, Far Fetch Boost is not regulated by any authority. This means that the broker is not subject to any oversight and is not required to meet any minimum standards. This is a major red flag, as it means that the broker is free to operate in a fraudulent manner.

Pros and Cons

  • None
  • Unregulated offshore broker
  • Poor reputation among traders
  • Aggressive marketing tactics
  • History of scamming clients
  • High leverage offerings
  • Difficult withdrawal process

How Does Far Fetch Boost Reach To Their Prey?

Far Fetch Boost uses a variety of methods to reach its prey. The broker often contacts potential clients through social media, email, or cold calling. Far Fetch Boost also uses paid advertising to promote its services.

Technical Details

Minimum Deposit:

The minimum deposit at Far Fetch Boost is $250. This is relatively high compared to other forex brokers.

Trading Platform:

They offer a proprietary web-based trading platform. The platform is basic and does not offer many features.


The spreads at Far Fetch Boost are high. This means that traders will have to pay more to execute their trades.


This website offers high leverage of up to 1:1000. This is dangerous, as it can lead to large losses if the market moves against you.

Packages and Products They Offer

They offer a variety of trading accounts, including standard, ECN, and VIP accounts. The broker also offers a variety of trading products, including forex, CFDs, and stocks.

Withdrawal and Deposit Method

Far Fetch Boost offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and e-wallets. However, many traders have reported difficulty withdrawing their funds from Far Fetch Boost.

What Do Their Previous Traders Say?

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Many previous traders at Far Fetch Boost have accused the broker of being a scam. The broker has been known to manipulate prices, refuse withdrawals, and steal client funds.

Summing Up- Why Should Not You Trust Far Fetch Boost

There are many reasons why you should not trust Far Fetch Boost. The broker is unregulated, has a poor reputation among traders, and has a history of scamming clients. Additionally, the broker offers high leverage, which can be dangerous.

If Bad Things Happen, Where Can You Get The Quick Solution?

If you have fallen victim to a Far Fetch Boost scam, there are a few things you can do. First, you should contact the broker and try to withdraw your funds. If you are unable to withdraw your funds, you should file a complaint with the financial regulator in your country. You may also want to consider contacting a lawyer to discuss your options.

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    Final Thoughts

    Far Fetch Boost is a scam broker that should be avoided at all costs. The broker is unregulated, has a poor reputation among traders, and has a history of scamming clients. If you are looking for a forex and CFD broker, we recommend that you choose a regulated broker with a good reputation.

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