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    Trading Aureo Reviews | check if the site is a scam or legit.

    Is Trading Aureo Legit or a Scam?

    No, Trading Aureo is not a legitimate company. They don’t have the proper regulation from their base country. Also, there are several problems with their features and withdrawals. In this Trading Aureo scam broker review we will provide you the details of their dark sides.

    What is Trading Aureo?

    Golden Trading, also known as Trading Aureo in Spanish, presents itself as a market-leading broker, giving the idea that it is a Spanish-based division of IG and offers a wide range of trading instruments, such as currency pairs, and numerous CFDs on indices, commodities, and European and American stocks. 

    Despite how good all of this sounds, there was more to Trading Aureo than meets the eye. Not only is the website in question unrelated to IG, a sizable and reputable broker, but the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV), the Spanish financial regulator, has blacklisted it as a scam.

    Trading Aureo Details

    Regulated by

    Unregulated Offshore Broker

    Is This Company Safe?

    The absence of licenses makes any site unsafe!

    Known Websites

    Have Warnings from


    Registered in


    Operating since


    Trading Platforms


    Maximum Leverage


    Minimum Deposit


    Deposit Bonus

    Not available

    Trading Assets


    Free Demo Account

    Not available

    How to Withdraw from This Company?

    There is a history of withdrawal holding from their previous traders. If this happens to you, please contact us.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    Prospective customers of the brokerage have the option to deposit or withdraw money via a bank wire, Visa, or MasterCard. There are no popular e-wallets like WebMoney, Neteller, or Skrill.

    The brokerage’s website is incredibly lacking in information, and the terms and conditions—the most crucial document in Forex trading—are noticeably absent. This is a red flag. We are unable to determine if the broker would not tack on additional costs after the first money is invested.

    Account Types

    Trading Aureo is a risky platform because it does not provide consumers with any kind of account. Regarding the characteristics and operations of the accounts, these con artists have not provided any information. A major issue is that nobody is aware of the minimal deposit that is acceptable. Investors are tempted to deposit varying sums in the absence of a clearly defined minimum deposit. You need to know that the industry minimum deposit is $250. Any additional sum would be against the established guidelines.

    Red Flags and Warning Signs

    The company’s website is so devoid of details that it doesn’t even specify the location of the registration. However since Spanish is the only language available, this severely limited the scope of our search.

    However, as soon as we began our investigation, we discovered a CNMV regulatory notice. We soon learned that the notice had been sent by numerous other regulators in an attempt to alert the retailer to this scam. These include FI, MNB, FSMA, AFM, and FSMA.

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    We found nothing when we searched the databases of other Spanish-speaking authorities, such as CNBV, BCRA, SFC, and CMF; there is just no information there. Thus, it is evident that this company is wholly unlicensed and acting erratically.

    Customer Complaints and Negative Reviews

    A quick search online reveals a plethora of negative reviews for Trading Aureo. Users complain of:

    • Impossible Withdrawals: Funds get stuck in limbo, with requests for withdrawal met with excuses, delays, and ultimately, blocked accounts.
    • Manipulative Trading: Accusations of hidden spreads, stop-loss hunting, and price manipulation to ensure user losses are rampant.
    • Deceptive Marketing: False promises of high returns and luxurious experiences lure in unsuspecting traders, only to leave them disappointed and financially drained.
    • Unresponsive Support: Customer support is slow, unhelpful, and often refuses to address grievances, leaving users stranded and frustrated.

    Got Scammed by Trading Aureo? We Help Victims!

    If you’ve fallen victim to Trading Aureo’s deceptive practices, there are steps you can take:

    • Report the scam: File a complaint with regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).
    • Seek legal advice: Consult with a lawyer specializing in financial fraud to explore your options for recovering your losses.
    • Join online forums and communities: Connect with other victims and share your experiences to raise awareness and prevent future scams.

    Remember, we are here always to help you. Our professionals will provide you with a free consultation call and recovery service recommendations to help you in recover the lost funds.

    If you’ve experienced financial losses with companies like WealthPro365Exorays, or Cylwex, please report it using the form below.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's


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