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    FVP Trade Review – Reasons To Avoid Scam

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    Do you know folks that talk a lot but don’t say anything? FVP Trade is a prime illustration of it. The broker displays a number of accolades, rules, and other information, but none of it is accurate. For those who are trustworthy enough to fall for this fraud, we can only advise them to attempt to withdraw their money as soon as possible.


    The website for FPV Trade describes it as a worldwide authorized CFD broker that offers online trading in a variety of financial instruments. Additionally, it asserts that it supports the well-known MetaTrader4 platform and provides competitive spreads.

    Let’s look at the information and decide whether this business is worthwhile. For further details, see the paragraphs that follow.



    FVP Trade Ltd & FVP Holdings (FinVoyage Perpetual Ltd)


    36 Old Jewry, London EC2R 8DD, UK





    ASIC, FCA 

    Is FVP Trade Regulated?

    FVP Trade is a trademark of FVP Trade Ltd, which has purportedly global operations. The broker’s website states that the business is governed in the BVI, Canada, the US, and Australia. Any of these registries we tested, though, turned up empty. Since FVP Trade Ltd. isn’t even a registered business, it obviously isn’t regulated either. Find a Tier 1 regulated broker that is FCA, ASIC, or BaFin certified if you want to start trading. Additionally, be sure to first verify the regulator’s register.

    Warnings From Financial Regulators

    In addition to not being a licensed and regulated broker, FVP Trade is intentionally deceiving us. Before investing your money, you must confirm that the broker you select is indeed licensed and regulated by a regulator like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the US, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the UK. These brokers offer protections to their clients, including negative balance protection and segregation of customer and broker money.

    Is FVP Trade Can Be Trusted?

    No, FPV Trade does not actually possess a license to offer financial services, while claiming to be authorized by a variety of financial regulators. If you’re looking for a trustworthy UK broker, we encourage you to choose one from our list of companies that offer financial services and are legitimately permitted to do business there.

    Before creating an account, disclosing any personal information, or sending any money, we highly encourage our readers to conduct enough due diligence on the firm. They should also carefully review the registers of the pertinent governmental agencies. You should be extremely cautious when selecting a trading partner because there are regrettably many con artists on the forex market that cheat investors out of their money.

    What kind of currency pair do they offer?

    The following five significant marketplaces are available to customers:

    • Currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and GBP/USD (Forex).
    • Commodities include gold, silver, and crude oil.
    • Indices: FTSE100, NASDAQ, and Dow Jones
    • Shares of Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.
    • Cryptocurrencies (Digital Currencies) – BTC, ETH, XRP

    Customer Support

    The support team at FVP Trade will make you whatever promise you to want to hear once they get your contact information. From quick cash to a better future. And they won’t stop if you fall for it.

    They’ll constantly come up with new financial schemes, and although they’ll pretend to be your closest buddy, your account manager will beg for access to your internet banking. Even some bogus results, apparently produced by other traders they helped, could be included.

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    Trading Method (MT4 or MT5)

    The industry-standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform is allegedly available through FVP Trade. However, the download link for the software is empty. The account registration menu functions, however at the conclusion there is an error notice. As a result, we are unable to determine if the FVP Trade genuinely offers MT4 or another trading platform. You should be aware, nevertheless, that the existence of any trading program does not ensure that the trade is legitimate. By using the platforms, scam brokers can convince their victims that their money is actually being invested.

    What Do Traders Think of FVP Trade?

    Customers are required to sign many documents, including the so-called MMA agreement. It implies that your account is fully managed by an account manager. It seems like a wonderful idea, especially if you have little market knowledge. However, as soon as you demand withdrawals, this manager would invest your funds poorly, causing you to lose everything and cease troubling the business.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

      What To Do If You Get Scammed?

      If you get scammed just report to us with your story and our professionals will look at your case and will get back to find a solution to get your money back.

      Final Thoughts

      You may always get in touch with us for assistance if you become the victim of an FVP Trade scam or if someone you know is having problems with this company. Chargeback professionals at Broker Complaint Alert have a great lot of expertise dealing with con artists and reclaiming clients’ money.



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