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    RichFielder | Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

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    RichFielder seems to be a fresh broker on the market, but the fraudulent practices they use against its customers are all too common. One of them would be producing bogus stories about individuals who became billionaires overnight that are associated with advertisements such as Bitcoin System and Crypto Engine that are falsely claiming to have helped people become wealthy overnight.

    We are sorry to inform you that this is not how the market operates, and in our review of RichFielder, we will explain why this is the case.


    Richfield Capital is an offshore broker with its headquarters in Belize. The company asserts that it is a leading financial institution and that it provides traders from all over the world with a comprehensive range of exceptional trading opportunities while ensuring the utmost safety of their funds.
    CompanyRichfield Capital Limited
    AddressUnit 303, No.16 Cor. Huston and Eyre Street, Blake Building, Belize City, Belize
    Regulation Blacklisted

    Is RichFielder Regulated?

    As was mentioned before, Richfield Capital operates as an offshore broker and maintains its headquarters in Belize. In addition to this, they have a license issued by the local International Financial Services Commission of Belize, which is not up to the criteria set by the regulatory authorities in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

    Warnings From Financial Regulators

    Given that the broker conducts the majority of its business in the European Union and Asia, the fact that European regulators have become aware of its scam did not come as a surprise to us.

    The Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom was the first to issue an official warning, advising its citizens against making any financial investments in RichFielder due to the fact that they will not be able to receive compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) because the company is not regulated.

    It wasn’t until a few days later that the Italian CONSOB issued a similar warning.

    Is RichFielder Can Be Trusted?

    Based on the above information, RichFielder cannot be trusted. Your investment will not be safe as they are not regulated and are also enlisted in the FCA warning list. Be aware before you invest in Richfield.

    What kind of currency pair do they offer?

    RichFielder offers a high-profit return on their schemes. They mainly offer cryptocurrency trading and forex trading.

    Customer Support

    RichFielder does not have any customer support system on its website. Rich Fielder gives up a heck of a lot of information, yet all of the contact information that you can see above is entirely made up, with the exception of the email address. It was hard to check the locations and the phone numbers, which demonstrates that Rich Fielder is not transparent, and we don’t really know where these individuals operate from since we don’t know where they are from.

    Trading Method (MT4 or MT5)

    Because we were not given the opportunity to test the trading platform that Richfield Capital provides, we are without a tried-and-true trading solution comparable to MetaTrader4. The trading platform that comes with an excellent pack of advanced charting tools, scores of customizable market indicators, and trading robots, designed especially to facilitate your automated trading sessions, is without a doubt the most popular trading platform in the industry. This platform also comes with an excellent pack of advanced charting tools.

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    What Do Traders Think Of RichFielder?

    You can probably guess that traders have nothing positive to say about the RichFielder strategy in its entirety. RichFielder reviews claim, in addition, that the broker employs a proprietary online trader that does not include MetaTrader’s functionality, that the broker has an excessively large minimum deposit, and that the broker offers uncontrolled leverage of up to 1:100. When a customer requests a payment from a brokerage, they are immediately cut off from any communication with the company.

    What To Do If You Get Scammed?

    If you get scammed by RichFielder, submit a report to us. Our expert team will provide you with a free consultation, where we will recommend you some good recovery services and also evaluate whether you need legal services. If needed, we can use our legal connections.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

      Final Thoughts

      Always make a good study before taking any decision to invest in a new company. Companies like RichFielder are getting enlisted in our updated scammer lists such as forex scammer list, crypto scammer lists, HYIPs scammer lists, etc. You can check these lists from our website.

      Kenneth Williamson

      Kenneth Williamson

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