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    Analyzing GluckFX In-Depth | A important Guide

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    GlluckFX is nothing but a con job. In order to address all of the problems that we saw, we will need to write a review that is 10,000 words long. To summarize, however, Glluck pretends to be controlled by an imaginary regulator, manipulates prices by engaging in trading against its consumers in the most reprehensible manner, and requires a deposit of one hundred thousand dollars in order to register an account. The following text will provide you with information on the other relevant specifics that you ought to know.


    GLLUCK is an online trading broker operated by GLLUCKFX and their address is not specified. On their website, there is no indication of a phone number of any kind. You may contact them at

    Their website may be located at:
    Regulation Unregulated

    Is GlluckFX Regulated?

    Glluck FX appears to be unregulated, and we were unable to track down the company owner. It indicates that there is no regulatory body, no overarching law, and no legal recourse available to you in the event that anything goes wrong. This was undoubtedly the brokerage’s idea after they launched a website and haven’t provided any of the facts.

    Although Glluck claims to be authorized by the United Kingdom Securities and Investment Commission, in reality, there is no such institution in the United Kingdom; thus, the broker is engaging in fraudulent activity by purporting to be legal. Another glaring deception is that Glluck is NFA-regulated in the United States, despite the fact that this is advertised as being the case. Because there is no further evidence to support our claim that Glluck is a shady scam, we can safely say that any money you put there will be at risk.

    Warnings From Financial Regulators

    This company has received several regulations from several financial authorities in the UK, USA, and Australia. Based on their suspicious activities and traders’ complaints, these 3 regulatory authorities issued the warnings.

    Is GlluckFX Can Be Trusted?

    No, you won’t become rich using a website with all the telltale signs of a con, such as GlluckFX, which is unlicensed and offers perfect anonymity to its users. During the course of our investigation of GlluckFX, we came across a large number of critical articles and user evaluations. The majority of the investors who introduced themselves as former customers of GlluckFX had quite similar accounts of how they were taken advantage of by the broker in the end.

    They were using a dating website or app when they were approached by a stunning woman. This is where everything got started. As soon as they started talking to one another, the girl began bragging about her lavish lifestyle and claiming that she become wealthy via forex trading with GlluckFX. After that, she encouraged the unfortunate victims to try their hand at investing with the brokerage on their own. Those who did so suffered a total loss of their money.

    What kind of currency pair do GlluckFX offer?

    They usually offer Forex pairs, commodities, and cryptos.

    Customer Support

    There is no customer support option on the website. They only have the email option and never respond to any email.

    Trading Method (MT4 or MT5)

    However, despite the fact that they supply MetaTrader4, which is by far one of the most popular trading platforms, we discovered that Glluck is engaging in extensive fraudulent activity. Glluck is engaging in price manipulation in order to blow customers’ accounts and steal their money. That is the most repulsive kind of con! Avoid!

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    What Do Traders Think Of GlluckFX?

    Another issue that will present itself to you relatively quickly in relation to GlluckFX is that the company has received a large number of unfavorable reviews. You need only conduct a search on Google to discover that previous customers of the broker have written reviews on the internet discussing their interactions with the business and the services it provides. They claim that they were victims of a scam and that the whole debacle started on an online dating platform.

    What To Do If You Get Scammed?

    If you get scammed by a GlluckFX broker, please submit a scam report to us and we will analyze the case and will suggest you the best-recommended recovery service to get your money back. Also, we can use our legal connections if needed.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

      Final Thoughts

      The issues that have been brought to the light above make it abundantly clear that GlluckFX is a fraudulent broker and that customers should steer clear of them.

      Kenneth Williamson

      Kenneth Williamson

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