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    Investing with Antares Trade | What You Need to Know

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    This analysis will go in-depth on Antares Trade, a business that primarily provides investment partnership programs. In the conclusion of it, you ought to be in a good position to decide if it’s a worthwhile investment or simply another course that won’t provide you with any benefit.


    Antares Change Us Limited owns Antares Trade, an online investing firm with a Hong Kong address at 18 Salisbury RD Tsim Sha Tsui 75VF MX.,, financial, legal, support, support, support, and support are all email addresses where you may get in touch with them.
    CompanyAntares Change Us Limited
    Address18 Salisbury RD Tsim Sha Tsui 75VF MX, Hong Kong
    Regulation Unregulated, Blacklisted, Offshore

    Is Antares Trade Regulated?

    The FSMA has warned Antares because it is an unlicensed platform. Your money is in danger as a result of the warning. On their portal, there is no information describing any compliance. Before investing, you should confirm that a platform is reliable.

    Warnings From Financial Regulators : Antares Trade

    Because it is reportedly located in Hong Kong, it must be licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

    However, as you can see in our image and independently confirm on the website of the financial authority, Antares is not registered with the SFC.

    As a result, Antares is an unlicensed investment business in Hong Kong and any other nation that has financial services regulation.

    What kind of currency pair do they offer?

    Antares trade is an investment and multi-level marketing (MLM) company that also promotes digital products and startup businesses. The investment program, which promises returns of up to 102% per month, is the company’s primary offering.

    Additionally, the company offers the Coin Capitalization App, which is a tool that helps find the prices of various cryptocurrencies as well as their capitalization and trading volume.

    Customer Support

    Imagine a platform that claims it can provide digital solutions but doesn’t really provide any assistance to its users! That is the value that Antares trade contributes to the transaction. In spite of their assertions that they use cutting-edge technology, there is no concrete evidence to back up their claims.

    You are provided with a Google map and an email address on the website that serves as their contact information. There is neither a phone number nor a genuine live assistance function on the website. You need to wait in order for the system to react to your emails, which might take an extremely long time. And for this same reason, we absolutely must make the platform public.

    What To Do If You Get Scammed by Antares Trade?

    If you get scammed by Antares Trade, just submit a report to us. We will evaluate the case and will let you know how to recover the lost funds.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

      Trading Method (MT4 or MT5)

      15 different investment affiliate programs are available through Antares, including Binary Profit Team, Token Profit Team, Line Profit Team, Robot Profit Team, Step Profit Team, Synergy Profit Team, Options Profit Team, Union Profit Team, Forex Bot Profit Team, Coin Profit Team, Matrix Profit Team, Product Profit Team, Smart Profit Team, Antares Cashback, and Antares P2P Platform.

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      What Do Traders Think Of Antares Trade?

      The majority of Antares trade’s customers are unhappy since the company consistently delivers on bogus promises. It does not seem that the firm is doing well.

      Final Thoughts

      We would never advocate trading or investing using the platform. However, you must avoid them if you don’t want to become their next victim.

      1. Can I make money with Antares Trade?

      No, it is not possible of making money with a scam broker. They will not let you make money from their platform.

      1. Can a broker manipulate MT4?

      Yes. Even more so than other aspects of the foreign exchange market, MT4 is susceptible to being manipulated. Traders are obligated to exercise caution and keep a watchful eye as a result.

      1. Which one is the best trading platform?

      Undoubtedly, MT5 is the best and most advanced trading platform.

      1. Can I buy forex with our broker?

      It is against the law for private persons to engage in transactions having anything to do with cash on their own. Any and all trading activities are required to be registered with a forex broker.

      1. What to do if the police denied taking my scam case?

      Just submit a report to us. We will take care of the case and will guide you on how to recover the lost funds.

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