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    The Dark Side of USDT MBA: Inside the Scam Business

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    USDTMBA is a cryptocurrency trading platform that claims to offer a variety of features and services to its users. However, there is growing evidence that USDT MBA is a scam broker. In this article, we will take a closer look at USDTMBA and explain why you should avoid it.

    Company Overview

    USDTMBA is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2022. When you open the website, you will see a login page where you can see the BitMiner logo in the background. That means they don’t have actually an official website, they are using BitMiner’s platform.

    Does USDTMBA Have Any License?

    No, USDT MBA does not have any license to operate as a financial services provider. The company doesn’t have its own website, and no license information obviously.

    Is USDTMBA Regulated By Any Authority?

    No, USDTMBA is not regulated by any financial authority. This means that it is not subject to any regulatory oversight, and there is no guarantee that your funds will be safe if you trade with USDTMBA.

    USDT MBA Pros and Cons



    Variety of trading assets

    No regulation

    High leverage

    Fake reviews


    Unreliable customer support


    High risk of losing money

    How Does USDT MBA Reach To Their Prey?

    USDT MBA uses a variety of methods to reach out to potential victims.

    • Pay-per-click advertising: USDT MBA buys ads on search engines and social media platforms. These ads are designed to look like legitimate investment opportunities.
    • Social media: USDTMBA uses social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to promote its services. These posts often include testimonials from fake users who claim to have made a lot of money trading with USDTMBA.
    • Cold calling: USDT MBA employees will cold call potential victims and offer them the opportunity to trade with USDTMBA. These calls are often very aggressive and persuasive.

    Technical Details of USDT MBA

    Minimum Deposit

    From different online forums, we found that the minimum deposit requirement for USDT MBA is $250. This is relatively low compared to other cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, it is important to remember that you are still risking your own money when you trade with USDT MBA.

    Trading Platform

    We are not sure about the trading platform’s details as they are using another company’s service and technology.


    The spreads on USDTMBA are relatively high. This means that you will pay more to buy and sell cryptocurrency on USDTMBA than you would on other platforms.


    USDT MBA offers high leverage ratios. This means that you can control a large position with a small amount of money. However, it is important to remember that leverage can magnify your losses as well as your profits.

    Packages and Products They Offer

    USDT MBA offers a variety of packages and products to its users.

    • Basic Package: This package is free to join. However, you will have to pay a commission on every trade that you make.
    • Silver Package: This package costs $100 per month. It includes a few extra features, such as access to more trading pairs and better customer support.
    • Gold Package: This package costs $200 per month. It includes all of the features of the Silver Package, plus a few more, such as access to a live trading room and a dedicated account manager.

    Withdrawal and Deposit Method

    USDTMBA supports a variety of withdrawal and deposit methods.

    • Credit/debit card: You can deposit money into your USDT MBA account using your credit or debit card. However, there is a processing fee of 5%.
    • Bank wire transfer: You can also deposit money into your USDTMBA account using a bank wire transfer. However, this method can take several days to process.
    • Cryptocurrency: You can deposit cryptocurrency into your USDTMBA account. This is the fastest and cheapest way to deposit money into your account.

    What Do Their Previous Traders Say?

    There are many negative reviews about USDT MBA online. Former traders have complained about the high fees, the poor customer support, and the rigged trading platform.

    Summing Up- Why Should Not You Trust USDT MBA

    There are many reasons why you should not trust USDT MBA. Here are just a few:

    • The company is not regulated by any reputable regulatory bodies.
    • The company has a history of negative reviews from former traders.
    • The company’s trading platform is not user-friendly.
    • The company offers high leverage, which can magnify your losses.

    If Bad Things Happen, Where Can You Get The Quick Solution?

    If you have lost money trading with USDT MBA, you may be able to get your money back through a chargeback. A chargeback is a dispute process that allows you to get your money back from your credit card company if you have been scammed.

    But, sometimes this process doesn’t work. You may not have enough proof to claim the chargeback. In this kind of case, you can contact us. You can learn from our blog section about several recovery processes, and about our free consultation system where you will get some recovery service recommendations.

    File A Complaint Against Scam Broker's

      Final Thoughts

      In this article, we showed that USDT MBA is a scam broker and your money will not be safe with this company. An unlicensed broker such as USDT MBA should be avoided at any cost though they offer lucrative packages.

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